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Phantom Works Studios(PWS) was created some time in 2007. It use to go by the name of Project Phantom Works Some time in 2006-2007. Phantom Works Studios is a website that will list free full functional apps such as for the web and computer, Windows. Since I don't know C and don have an undertanding about Macs,linux, etc I will only be able to make Windows Base Applications.

Most likely though there will be members on our forums that may be able to expand te code beyond windows and develop more for Macs and other Operating System to out there. That could happend. Anyways I started this site because I love to code and spend my time on the computer. I don't plan on using this as my careear since you will always be working with it and may turn something that you love into something that you hate or somthing that you lose interest in overtime.

I'm also devolpoing a web based Application Called Phantom Forum System (PFS). This will be and easy to use bullitian/forum system with alot of features and security. Right now there are only two servers that host it. You can find the main one here and an out dated one here, this one is no longer in devlopment as it is obsolet.

I also made Board XX, where XX were the version but I left it as XX. That site as of now cannot be located but is on the net somehwere as I hosted it on an external server that I do no own. Phantom Works Studios and the server which it is running on is owned by me so you don't need to worry about someone trying to buy us out. phantomworksstudios is currently being used from It costs me about $8 a year with one free email address with about 2 GB of space.

My Server is running an OS with Windows 2000 Professional with Vertrigo Server as the main HTTP Server. I do not plan on upgrading to Higher Operating systems due to todays complicated technology. Windows 2000 is considerd to be one of the Most stable and reliable Operating systems around and is still in use by alot of companies today.

Phantom Works Studios(PWS)
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